Thursday Night Thunder Battle for Points on Thursday, August 17th at Laird Raceway

As the short track auto racing season is winding down and only one more Thursday Night Thunder on the 2023 Laird Raceway schedule, fans and short track race enthusiasts around Algoma are eagerly anticipating the grand finale for the second to last race date of the 2023 season that will determine this year’s champion. With months of intense competition, drama, and skillful driving behind us, the final two races promise to be a riveting showcase of speed, strategy, and sheer determination.
The setting for this exhilarating showdown is none other than the iconic Laird raceway, a track known for its challenging 1/3 mile oval that put even the most skilled drivers to the test. The final Thursday Night Thunder will provide a breathtaking backdrop for the culminating event of the season. As the engines roar to life the second last time for 2023, the spotlight falls on the top contenders who have consistently demonstrated their prowess throughout the season. Young gun Case Wilson behind the wheel of the Super Late Model #77 has emerged as a formidable force, consistently securing pole positions and podium finishes. However, #61 Dustin Jackson and the Flying Finn Rob Hiiemma are not one to be underestimated, with a series of unexpected victories that have kept fans on the edge of their seats. The championship title points hangs in the balance with only three more nights of racing remaining in the 2023 Laird Raceway season, adding an extra layer of intensity to an already thrilling event. With only a few points separating the top contenders in the modified division with every position on the track will be crucial in determining the ultimate victor. The top three drivers are well aware of the high stakes, and their rivalry has captured the imagination of the Laird Raceway fans. In the Modified division only eight points separate the top three drivers with Thessalon’s Jason Herrington holding down the number one position heading into the Thursday, August 17th race. Echo Bay’s Mark Laakso only two points behind #78 Herrington and Sault Ste Marie’s #28 Mark Porpealia eight back in third in the modified standings.
Sault Ste Marie’s Brad Bibeau behind the wheel of the #80 sits atop of the Factory Stock division with 177 points with his closest fellow driver #12O Owen Brown holding down second 26 points behind Bibeau with 151 points. Prince Township’s Rob Wagner rounds out the top three standings in the Factory Stock division with 146 points heading into the final Thursday Night Thunder of the 2023 season.  On August 17th, Laird Raceway fans will see entertaining Four Cylinder division heat and feature battles with #05 Tyler Praysner trying to hold off #16 Dyllen Sherrard as the green flag drops at 7:00 p.m with Sherrard only seven points behind Praysner’s 184 points entering in Thursday Night Thunder. Praysner has four out of five feature wins this season while battling #15 Sherrard and third place driver #12 Fern Mannarino who has 140 points heading into the heats and feature this coming Thursday.
In one of the most entertaining division that caps off every race night is the Enduro’s where there is no cautions or stoppages, #19R Jacob Ritchie has held off #86 Dylan Connolly and Jon Hill to stay atop of the Enduro division standings as Laird Raceway closes out the Thursday Night Thunder portion of the 2023 season before the season final on Friday, August 25th and Saturday, August 26th for the 2023 Mike Parsons Memorial 100 lap full show weekend with a top prize money of $10,000.00 for the Super Late Model winner.
Short track auto racing is notorious for its unpredictability. From unexpected crashes to dramatic comebacks, every lap can bring surprises that rewrite the script. As the engines roar and the tires screech, no one can predict with certainty what the final outcome will be.
Beyond the competitive aspect, this season’s final Thursday Night Thunder will also bring together fans, teams, and drivers to celebrate. As the sun sets and the engines rev, this week’s Thursday Night Thunder promises to be a fitting culmination of months of dedication, hard work, and relentless pursuit of excellence. With the championship points on the line and a track that demands nothing short of perfection, this race night is poised to leave an indelible mark on the annals of short auto racing history at Laird Raceway. So buckle up, hold your breath, and get ready for a rollercoaster of speed and emotion as the ultimate victor emerges from the checkered flag.
Full 2023 Laird Raceway Points available here.


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