Whether you’re hitting the ice, court or field, there is always that chance you’re going to have the game of a lifetime. Having your highlight reel plays captured through a professional video will be your best chance to impress a scout, go viral, or simply have a memory to look back on.

Let’s get you ready to show off your skills with the following packages.

Personal Player Highlights

-> One Game – $80 + GST (CDN)
-> Two Games – $150 + GST (CDN)
-> Three Games – $210 + GST (CDN)

Your goals, passes, hits, saves, and best plays in a 1-5-minute video.

A “commercial license” can be provided along with the video, allowing them to be shared with scouts, scouting websites, or other teams for press releases and roster pictures.

Colour graded and visual graphics.

A link to view and download your tape.

Single PLAY Highlight ($20/Clip) (CDN)
Did you pull off a sweet goal, save or hit?

Your play in a short video for you to easily show your friends and family. We will post to all @saultsports social media platforms within two days.

Colour graded.

A link to view and download your video.







Important Things to Know
If you contact us or submit an order form, we may not be able to confirm your order till after we receive requests. Our schedule is constantly changing as orders come in and we cannot respond to every inquiry. If we get to your game and catch some footage, you will hear from us as soon as possible.

If you order 2 or 3 games, we may not be able to make it to all of them. You will be automatically changed to the number of games we captured footage from. The sooner you order, the more likely it is we can fulfill your request.

If you are having trouble submitting your order on this form, please email me directly (

Terms and Conditions/Refund Policy
Your order is not confirmed until you hear from us 🙂 Turnaround time for video is between 1 and 3 weeks after the tournament unless otherwise stated. Payment is due prior to delivery of the video. Video length can vary depending on individual player performance. The editor watches the full game and picks significant plays to add to the video.

Once an order is confirmed, payment is not optional. Unlike photographers who have unedited photos on display for purchase, these videos are edited and time-consuming to make.

Refunds/No charge will be granted in the following situations:

  1. A player is injured/ejected from the game in the 1st or 2nd period
  2. The length of the video is under: 1 minute