Sault College Cougar Women Head to Nationals in St Louis for Third Straight Season

Photo: Sault College Athletics

In an electrifying showcase of skill, determination, and sportsmanship at the 2024 W2 ACHA Women’s Collegiate Hockey Regional Championships in Burton, Michigan over the February 24th and 25th weekend. The Sault College Cougars had an automatic bye to the regionals semi – finals after securing their position when finishing in first place as the 2023 – 2024 regular season champions.

The semi-finals set the stage for the ultimate showdown, with the powerhouse Cougars battled fiercely for a chance at glory. In the semi-final, Sault College faced off against the Michigan State Spartans]. Both teams displayed remarkable prowess, but it was Cougars who emerged victorious in a hard-fought contest, securing their spot in the championship game after shutting out the Spartans 12 – 0.

As anticipation reached fever pitch, fans packed the arena to witness the culmination of an unforgettable 2024 regional championships. The championship game was a thrilling back-and-forth affair, with momentum swinging wildly throughout.
The Cougars and Spartans left it all on the ice, trading blows in a display of skill and determination. Every pass, every shot, and every save was met with raucous cheers from the crowd. As the clock ticked down, the tension reached its peak, with both teams refusing to back down.

In the end, it was Sault College who emerged victorious, clinching the regional championship title in a dramatic fashion to their second shutout win with their 4 – 0 shutout. Their resilience and teamwork were on full display as they celebrated a hard-earned victory, etching their names into the annals of collegiate hockey history.

The women’s collegiate hockey regional championship weekend was a showcase of talent, passion, and sheer determination. From the exhilarating semi-final matchups to the unforgettable championship game, the tournament captivated audiences and highlighted the incredible skill of these student-athletes. As the celebrations ensued, one thing was clear: in the world of collegiate hockey, the future is bright, and the possibilities are endless with the Cougars preparing for the 2024 W2 ACHA Women’s Collegiate Hockey Regional Championships in St Louis, Missouri from March 7th to 17th.

Sunday, February 25, 2024 (Crystal Fieldhouse Ice Arena, MI)
Adrian College Bulldogs (0) vs (4) Sault College Cougars
Period 1
(0:35) Sault College – Marie-Pier Lecours (Danica Niro, Emma Lee)
(11:39) Sault College – Jasmine Groleau (Alyssa Byers, Danica Niro)

Period 2
(13:16) Sault College – Emma Lee (Emily Moore, Cassidy Dobson)

Period 3
(11:18) Sault College – Emily Moore (Materia Land, Amelia Williams)

Adrian College – Emily Tracht 60:00 (40/44)
Sault College – Cassidy Dobson 60:00 (18/18)

Saturday, February 24, 2024 (Crystal Fieldhouse Ice Arena, MI)
Michigan State Spartans (0) vs (12) Sault College
Period 1
(7:05) Sault College – Jasmine Groleau (Marie-Pier Lecours, Danica Niro)
(7:37) Sault College – Victoria Misiak (Jenna Jackson, Amelia Williams)
(13:12) Sault College – Jasmine Groleau (Marie-Pier Lecours, Amelia Williams)

Period 2
(1:02) Sault College – Emily Moore (Unassisted) (SH)
(2:47) Sault College – Bergen Lucas (Emily Brunet)
(3:00) Sault College – Materia Land (Amelia Williams)
(4:11) Sault College – Jasmine Groleau (Unassisted)
(11:18) Sault College – Emily Moore (Unassisted)
(13:13) Sault College – Emma Lee (Materia Land) (PP)

Period 3
(0:17) Sault College – Materia Land (Alyssa Byers, Emily Moore)
(6:49) Sault College – Materia Land (Emily Brunet, Emily Moore)
(11:13) Sault College – Emma Lee (Materia Land, Emily Brunet)

Michigan State University – Daria Rorick 26:47 (35/42), Lauren Reiss 33:13 (24/29)
Sault College – Farrah Farstad – 60:00 (14/14)


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