Colts Even the City Championship Series 1-1 with Win Over Knights

Photo Credit: Freeze Frame Photos

After opening the best of five 2024 Sault Ste Marie High School Hockey League city championship series with a 6 – 2 win over the Korah Colts, the St Mary’s Knights hit the ice for game two of the series at the Northern Community Centre against the Colts on Tuesday, February 20th.

In a thrilling showdown of skill and determination, game two of the Sault Ste Marie High School Hockey League city championship series unfolded with intensity and physicality. The Colts and Knights took to the ice with unwavering resolve, each vying for supremacy in a fiercely contested battle. From the first puck drop, the pace was relentless, with both sides unleashing a barrage of shots and bone-crunching hits. Tensions ran high after each goal becoming a precious commodity in the quest for victory. As the final buzzer sounded, it was a testament to the resilience of both teams, leaving fans on the edge of their seats and hungry for more playoff action after a 4 – 1 Korah win over the Knights.

Game Two (Knights 1-0 lead)
St Mary’s Knights (1) vs (4) Korah Colts
Period 1
(12:15) Korah Colts – Daego Campagna (Preston Miller)
(7:51) St Mary’s Knights – Anthony Blonda (Nik Vecchio/Kye Taylor)

Period 2
(12:51) Korah Colts – Hunter Thorkilson (Koen Manchulenko/Tyler Lang)

Period 3
(12:52) Korah Colts – Bodie Belair (Unassisted)
(9:41) Korah Colts – Daego Campagna (Preston Miller/Hunter Thorkilson)

Korah Colts – Payton Melchoirre
St Mary’s Knights – Grant Matthewson

Visit Freeze Frame Photos by Bob Davies photo gallery of game two of the 2024 Sault Ste Marie High School Hockey League between the St Mary’s Knights versus the Korah Colts.

Game three of the series that is tied 1 – 1 will take place at the John Rhodes Centre on Thursday, February 22nd with a puck drop of 3:30 p.m. Game three will be broadcasted on Saultsports TV and Rogers tv.


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