Algoma Thunderbird Kyle Price Crowned 2024 OUA Provincial Champion

On Saturday, February 10th, 2024, the Brock Wrestling teams celebrated another successful OUA Championship held on the campus of Algoma University at the George Leach Centre! The team will be returning to St. Catharines with a total of 12 gold medals.

“I think mostly I’m just really happy for my athletes. They worked hard this year and really wrestled well and were rewarded. It was a great effort, I’m really happy for them and the coaches who’ve worked hard too,” states Marty Calder, Head Coach.

Marty Calder and Dave Collie were also recognized as Female and Male Coaches of the year. Many Brock athletes were also recognized in other award categories, including Nicolae Gadrabura as Male Rookie of the Year, Francesca Lo Greco as Female Rookie of the Year, and Mia Friesen as Most Outstanding Female Wrestler.

This was the first major wrestling event Algoma has hosted since 2018. With Kyle Price winning a gold medal at 90kg and being selected for the Keegan Trophy, a lot of Thunderbirds were celebrating in the stands.

Athletes will compete at the USports Championships on March 2nd in Guelph.

Team Standings
GOLD – Brock – 94
SILVER– McMaster – 64
BRONZE – Guelph – 52
Western – 50
Algoma – 21
Carelton – 19
Lakhead – 16
UofT – 7
York – 7
Queens – 5
TMU – 0

GOLD – Brock – 88
SILVER – McMaster – 57
BRONZE – Western – 51
Guelph – 50
Lakehead – 36
Algoma – 26
Queens – 21
UofT – 21
TMU – 20
York – 14
Carelton – 1

Major Award Winners
Outstanding Female Wrestler – Mia Friesen, Brock University
Outstanding Male Wrestler – Kyle Price, Algoma University
Female Rookie of the Year – Francesca Lo Greco, Brock University
Male Rookie of the Year – Nicolae Gandrabura, Brock University
Women’s Coach of the Year – Marty Calder, Brock University
Men’s Coach of the Year – Dave Collie, Brock University
Male Student-Athlete Community Service Awards – Stephan Niron from York University
Female Student-Athlete Community Service Awards – Ella Doornaert from Western University

2023 Women’s Medalists
Gold – Fransesca Lo Greco of Brock University
Silver – Jessica Hong of Carleton University
Bronze – Kelyn Young of Guelph University

Gold – Serena Di Benedetto of McMaster University
Silver – Brooklyn Brown of Brock University
Bronze – Brooklyn Glasgow of Guelph University

Gold – Mia Friesen of Brock University
Silver – Kendall Dettloff of Western University
Bronze – Jayden Sparks of Guelph University

Gold – Macy Malysiak of McMaster
Silver – Michaela Rankin of Brock University
Bronze – Iman Zebian of Western University

Gold – Bronwyn MacGregor of Brock University
Silver – Jonelle Clarke of Western University
Bronze – Olivia Lichti of McMaster University

Gold – Ella Doornaert of Western University
Silver – Samantha Adams of Brock University
Bronze – Aylah Mayali of U of Toronto

Gold – Jessica Tillmanns of Brock University
Silver – Natalie Vecchio of McMaster University
Bronze – Myla Lawson of Lakehead University

Gold – Vanessa Keefe of Brock University
Silver – Tehani Blais of McMaster University
Bronze – Alecsandra Vlad of Carleton University

Gold – Cassie Corbett of Brock University
Silver – Mary Adarkwa of Guelph University
Bronze – Saskia Ramaischrand of McMaster University

Gold – Brianna Fraser of Brock University
Silver – Logan Stimson of Guelph University
Bronze – Lilah Fraser of Algoma University

2023 Men’s Medalists
Gold – Treye Trotman of Western University
Silver – Tristan Cako of Guelph University
Bronze – Gabriele Sementilli of Brock University

Gold – Garette Saunders of Brock University
Silver – Francesco Fortino of U of Toronto
Bronze – Blayne Helou of McMaster University

Gold – Nicolae Gandrabura of Brock University
Silver – Dechlan Papadopoulos of Toronto Metro University
Bronze – Gavin Eldridge of Western University

Gold – Gregor McNeil of McMaster University
Silver – Gabriel Blanchette of Brock University
Bronze – Zachary Ortencio of Western University

Gold – Bobby Narwal of Brock University
Silver – Brennan Laplante-Brady of Guelph University
Bronze – Anthony Nighbor of Algoma University

Gold – Max Budgey of Brock University
Silver – Mateo Anisi of Lakehead University
Bronze – Caius Hargbridge of Guelph University

Gold – Lukas Geske of Western University
Silver – Jordan Wylie of Brock University
Bronze – Irman Kang of McMaster University

Gold – Kyle Price of Algoma University
Silver – Howard Moffat of McMaster University
Bronze – Yazden Farokhizad of Brock University

Gold – Callum Knox of Brock University
Silver – John Campbell of Lakehead University
Bronze – Peter Shirley of McMaster University

Gold – Roger Li of Brock University
Silver – Karanveer Mahil of McMaster University
Bronze – Ravkeerut Chahal of York University

Source: Algoma Thunderbird Athletics


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