2023 High School Junior and Senior Football Award Winners Announced

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The Sault Ste Marie High School Football Awards were announced Monday, October 23rd, honouring the outstanding talents and achievements of local high school football players. Student athletes should celebrate their dedication and hard work that these young athletes put into their sport.

These awards are for the hard work, dedication, and outstanding performances of high school football players in Sault Ste Marie. The high school classmates, fans, parents, and teammates, should congratulate these young athletes and celebrate their achievements, showcasing the importance of high school sports in shaping the lives of these talented individuals.

Congratulations to all the award winners, and to every player who gave their all on the football field this season. Your passion and determination inspire the entire community.

Most Outstanding Player (Nick Farris Memorial Trophy)
Nominees: Peyton Melchiorre (Korah), Alex Hayes (St Mary’s), Dylan Woolton (Superior), Jacob Day (White Pines)
Winner: Peyton Melchiorre (Korah)

Most Outstanding Lineman (Curtis Grandmont Trophy)
Nominees: Aiden Wonch (Korah), Heath Desjardin (St Mary’s), Jayden Caldwell (Superior), Lawrence Solomon-Ward (White Pines)
Winner: Lawrence Solomon-Ward (White Pines)/Aiden Wonch (Korah)

Offensive Player of the Year (Rushon Family trophy)
Nominees: Zayn Murdoch (Korah), Amare Valente-Botang (St Mary’s), Ben Trevisanut (Superior), DJ Pine (White Pines)
Winner: Amare Valente-Botang (St Mary’s), Ben Trevisanut (Superior)

Defensive Player of the Year (Steeler Trophy)
Nominees: Korean Manchulenko (Korah), Tyler Cady (St Mary’s), Blaine Polson (Superior), JD Boyer (White Pines)
Winner: Koen Manchulenko (Korah)

Most Outstanding Player (Alex Denman Memorial Trophy)
Nominees: Matti Tucker (St Mary’s), Nathan Guizzetti (Korah), Daikaden Gauthier (Superior), Arthur Vincent (White Pines)
Winner: Nathan Guizzetti (Korah)

Most Outstanding Lineman (Gord Hargreaves Trophy)
Nominees: Noah Divalentin (St Mary’s), Ashton Sawchyn (Korah), Grayson Maneiro (Superior Heights), Landon Syrette (White Pines)
Winner: Noah Divalentin (St Mary’s)

Most Outstanding Receiver (Rocky DiPietro Trophy)
Nominees: Jaidan Trudeau (St Mary’s), Ty Koski (Korah), Cole Cond (Superior), Nashoba Moore (White Pines)
Winner: Jaidan Trudeau (St Mary’s)

Offensive Player of the Year
Nominees: Nate Carter (St Mary’s), Spencer Headrick (Korah), Kaelan Cuglietta (Superior), Garrin Pine (White Pines)
Winner: Nate Carter (St Mary’s)

Defensive Player of the Year
Nominees: Grant Mathewson (St Mary’s), Ethan Carchidi (Korah), Gavin Nye (Superior), Keenen Boissoneau (White Pines)
Winner: Grant Mathewson (St Mary’s), Ethan Carchidi (Korah)

Defensive Backs: Nik Vecchio, Landen Trecartin, Nashoba Moore

Defensive Lineman: Spencer Headrick, Ethan Scott, Kolt Yeaman, Landen Syrette

Line Backers: Grant Mathewson, Ethan Carchidi, Evan Novello, Gavin Nye, Arthur Vincent

Full Backs: Cole Barbeau

Offensive Lineman: Noah Divalentin, Marcus Palumbo, Ashton Sawchyn, Christian Matthews, Grayson Maneiro

Quarterbacks: Matti Tucker, Daikaden Gauthier, Garrin Pine

Running Backs: Nathan Guizzetti, Kaelan Cuglietta, Ty Rushon

Tight Ends: Mitchell Kommusaar

Wide Receivers: Jaidan Trudeau, Nate Carter, Jack McPherson


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