Senior and Junior Girls Volleyball 2017/18 Regular Season Champions Crowned

The junior and senior St. Mary’s Knights and Korah Colts hit the court on February 11th in Sault Ste Marie Girls Volleyball action to close out the 2017 – 2018 regular season.

St. Mary’s Knights 26 – Korah Colts 24
St. Mary’s Knights 25 – Korah Colts 17

St. Mary’s Knights 25 – Korah Colts 16
St. Mary’s Knights 25 – Korah Colts 15
St. Mary’s Knights 16 – Korah Colts 25
St. Mary’s Knights 18 – Korah Colts 25
St. Mary’s Knights 15 – Korah Colts 3

In the senior division, the Superior Heights Steelhawks were crowned the 2017 – 2018 league champions while the junior division, the  St. Mary’s Knights captured the top position in the 2017 – 2018 regular season standings.  The 2018 Final Four City Championship will take place on Thursday February 15th at Superior Heights.  The four teams making up that championships will be the Superior Heights Steelhawks, St. Mary’s Knights, White Pines Wolverines and Korah Colts both in junior and senior divisions.

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