Saultites Lesyshen Brothers Return Home with 19th Place Finish

DMWDOn the second stop of the Northern Ontario Walleye Trail Circuit and their first tournament on the circuit, the brothers of Andy and Nicholas Lesyshen hit the water on day two of the 2015 of the Dubreuilville Magpie Walleye Derby on June 14th on the on the Magpie River and their fourth day in Dubreuilville.

Nick and Andy were happy with our outcome even though they lost a couple key fish that would have bump them up in the placements to near 5th or 6th. They had a few heartbreakers when they caught glimpses of 25″ – 26″ walleyes a couple feet from the net! Andy told us that “the brothers had to adapt and take a different approach then last year. They were able to locate a few go to spots but it was hard to find those 14” – 18″ fish on Sunday!”

We found a spot that held 23″ – 26″in the mix but had to weed through the 6″ – 13″ gorgers that were hard to keep off your line, said Andy”.

First thing that Nick Lesyshen told that “it is finally nice to be rested up and glad to be home away from the bugs.

The 2015 Magpie Walleye Derby came to an end with their almost duplicate weight as Saturday landing them in 19th place out of a 120 team field. The bite for any quality fish was real tough and needed to adapt for the conditions and seek new water for them this year in Dubreuilville. Like on day one of pre – fishing, the water raised ten degrees in four days which put the temps 68 – 71 degrees. That ended up putting the water in mayfly hatching conditions.

Nick and Andy had seen thousands of fish surfacing for the emerging bugs which in turn made them also need to adapt for the tough bite to come. After Saturday where the big fish had been caught the brothers decided to not fight the crowd and respect those anglers and keep our distance. The key thing that helped them find this go to spot that helped them hook four 24″+ fish thanks to the amazing technology these days. Lowrance down imaging along with Insight Genesis helped Nick and Andy make their own depth maps and view the bottom in a way conventional 2D sonar does.

Nick said that “they would have never seen the flooded trees and the fish hiding in amongst those branches if it wasn’t for Downscan Imaging. Persistence paid off Saturday afternoon and sticking it out all day on that spot Sunday. We did go through some hardware to the tree gods but when you get that snag free pass it paid off with a fish.”

“After a million bug bites and lots of new memories my brother and I can’t wait to get back there next year.  Thank you to the volunteers of the Derby as well as the other friends we shared the house with for last few days. Mike Williams, Terry Lacasse, Fred Sadowski, Kevin Caruso, Jay Guay and Dustin Guay, said Nick.

The Lesyshen brothers would also send out a big thanks to one of their sponsors HUK clothing for the amazing clothing that helped keep the sun for burning us as well as keeping us cool and dry. If you are looking for great outerwear that’s SPF 50, bacteria proof and breathable check out HUKGEAR.COM.

“Looking forward to next year! Great fishery and great group of people, said Andy.”

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