Sault Steelers to Make a Comeback for the 2018 NFC Season

The Sault Steelers began their march back to the Northern Football Conference last night by signing four players to Letters of Commitment for the 2018 campaign.

The Steelers under direction of their new recruiting liaison Tom Peer, signed Jonathon Bujold, Darren Vlassoff, Bill Mg, and Tom Peer to Letters of Commitment. The Steelers have set a goal of having 25 players committed before the league meeting in Sudbury on November 18 th 2017. 

New recruiting liaison Tom Peer has made it clear that player numbers will no longer be an issue during this next era of football. “We are going to commit 25 guys before we head to Sudbury in November. Those 25 guys will have their spots guaranteed for the 2018 season. After that we’ll be inviting close to 100 other players from around town, and welcome walk-ons, keeping about 20-25 additional players. That way we select the best roster to come back strong, and leave the team still small enough where everyone gets a chance to contribute on road trips, special teams, blow-outs, ext.”

Peer has already begun building a long list of prospects from around town that have football talent. “One of the problems we’ve discovered in the team folding this season, was that a majority of the football talent in this city was just never approached by the organization. It’s not an easy thing to construct a roster when you just expect players to show up out of the blue.”

The Steelers started off their 2018 preparations by signing four players that they are familiar with. Tom Peer himself, a Sault Ste. Marie native, spent the 2016 season watching the Steelers from a hostile perspective, playing for their rivals the Sudbury Spartans. Peer was a track star in high school, adding tremendous speed to the Steelers defense. His most valuable contribution to the Northern Football franchise may just be his drive to see the Steelers return to championship glory. “I’m 100% committed to making this team not only hit the field in 2018, but challenge the new powerhouse, GTA All-stars upon our return to the league next year. The talent in this city is endless. We just have to tap into it.”

Also signing with the Steelers is Running-back/Linebacker Jonathon Bujold. Bujold, also a native of Sault Ste. Marie, returned home last year and began playing with the Steelers for the final half of the season, starting in the final five games, including the playoffs against GTA.

Bujold comes with a resume of experience, playing on the scout team at MSU during his time in Michigan, as well as making appearances for the MIFA Canadian All-star team against NFL free-agent squads, and National Pro All-star teams from Mexico. Bujold played his high-school football under NFC and Steelers President Barry Rushon at White Pines, who won three National Championships with the Steelers as a coach from 2007-2010.

On Monday the Steelers also, signed Darren Vlassoff, a veteran Defensive back, and Sault Sabercats Varsity graduate, as well as rookie Bill Mg, who was set to play offensive line for the team during the 2017 season before the team was forced to fold due to low player commitment.

Peer, expects to sign several players to commitment letters in the coming weeks including 20x NFC all-star, and former league MVP Brandon Lewis, former Div. II and Sabercats graduate running-back Steve Hiiemma, as well as 3-time national champion Alonzo Clark. Rumors have also swirled that former Steelers receiver and current Tri-City Outlaw Jesse Hill, may be on the verge of making a return to his home town team for the 2018 season.

More updates will follow.

Source: Sault Steelers

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