Sault Steelers Looking Good for 2018

We’re now into August, and the Northern Football Conference has just completed it’s quarter final playoff weekend, a weekend that historically, has seen the Sault Steelers Football club participate in on a regular basis. This year however, the northern squad is a noticeable absentee on the playoff tree.

Despite the lack of a local representation in this year’s addition of the NFC campaign, the Blue and Gold have been hard at work making sure the leave of absence only lasts for one season. Long time team president Barry Rushon, and team GM Paul Caldbick, have partnered up with their new recruiting liaison Tom Peer to make sure player commitment, and positive team culture are problems of the past. Despite the fact that the 2017 NFC season is far from over, the Steelers have already began constructing their roster of the future, bringing together youth and experience for their inevitable return to the field.

Peer has already been able to sign several veterans for the 2018 comeback tour including a name that is synonymous with the Steelers brand, 20x All-Star and former league MVP Brandon Lewis. Around the legendary veteran, the Steelers will bring back 3x National Champion Alonzo Clark, former NCAA Div. II running back Steve Hiiemaa, MSU alumni Jonathon Bujold, and veteran Defensive back Darren Vlassoff.

As previously mention, Peer has also spent time, focused on bringing in the next wave of young football talent, with Sabercats graduates committing including names like current Varsity Quarterback/Receiver Ryan Yost, and receivers Dalton Toppan and Austin Wesley. In total, between former Steelers and new and interested prospects, Peer projects well over 30 players currently interested in signed for the 2018 season, well before the off-season has even begun.

In the opinion of Sault Steeler Jonathon Bujold, this one-year break from action had to take place. “At first a lot of us on the team, (including myself) were angry, and busy pointing fingers, assigning blame to one individual or another, when in reality, we can look at it now and realize this all needed to happen. The culture of the team was bad, the city had lost sight of the program, and us folding put everyone on notice. There needs to constantly be an effort made from the media, the fans, the management, coaches, and players in order for this team to succeed and survive. I think everyone
now sees this, and the community is coming together to make the return happen. New sponsors, media coverage, new volunteers, it’s all so promising to see”.

Source: Sault Steelers

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