Sault Steelers Are Calling All Football Players

On February 21st the Sault Steelers will be hosting arguable there most important evening of the 2017 season. Their recruitment information evening.

The meeting will be held on the third floor of the City Hall Civic Centre at 7:00 p.m in the Thompson Room. Any players who have ever entertained the thought of playing football at the adult level are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Whether you have played CIS, senior or junior varsity ball, or even just high school football, this a great opportunity. “Many people in Sault Ste. Marie have misconceptions about what it is to play in the NFC,” says Steelers linebacker Jon Bujold. “People look back at the Steelers teams between 2006-2011 and automatically assume that they aren’t good enough to play on that level, that it’s dangerous or would be too much for them. That’s just plain wrong. There is a wide range of experience on the field at all times. Not to mention this league isn’t dominated by size and power, its dominated by intellect and positioning, something that can be taught through practice. ”

Another important feature to this year’s rookie class is how level the playing field is.

“Our division is going to be so young this year,” says Bujold. “North Bay is back for the first time in six years and will have an average age of 20 years old as a big chunk of their players are recent varsity grads, playing at the same level as the Sabercats. Sudbury is in the first couple of years of their rebuild, and Tri-City is going through some internal turmoil themselves and will have questions surrounding their number of veterans. The time is now to be young and rebuild in our division.”

Bujold also addressed the misconception that former CIS players can’t make the NFC the next step of their football journey. “We have so many players from Sault Ste. Marie that go away to play football at the post-secondary level, then return and never give us a try. It’s just so different than the university level. In school it’s a regiment that can wear you down and be exhausting. The NFC is not like that. It’s fun, and you develop a bond with the guys you play with. If anyone has lost their love for the game, give us a try and see what the difference is for yourself.”

The Steelers have been very honest and open about their rebuild, and are asking for young players to come and meet the coaches and veterans on the 21st . Now is the perfect time to start building a young and hungry core much like they did in the early 2000’s that lead to one of the most dominant dynasties in NFC history. Anyone with questions can reach out to ‘Sault Steelers Recruiting’ on Facebook, or @SaultSteelers via Twitter.

Source: Sault Steelers

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