Sault Steeler Bujold Headed to 2017 Globe Bowl and International Bowl

The preparations for the 2017 Globe Bowl and International Bowl are well underway, and in less than three weeks the MIFA Canadian All-stars will take on Team America in the first round of this annual International showcase.

On April 1st, 2017 the MIFA Canadian All-stars will head to Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania for the Globe Bowl, the first of several games in the International Series, a group of matches that include selected semi-pro players from all over North America.

The Canadian contingent includes selected players from the host league (the Mississauga Indoor Football Association), as well as the Northern Football Conference of the CMFL. Included in this squad for the 2017 match-ups will be a representative of the Sault Steelers, linebacker and defensive end Jonathon Bujold. Bujold was invited by the president of MIFA and the NFC’s Oakville Longhorns Liston Bates, to join the MIFA Allstars in this edition in hopes it will start a strong connection between the northern football franchise and the MIFA program for the future.

“I’m excited to get some extra football in this pre-season, and hopefully get into mid-season shape a little earlier than usual as a result.” Says Bujold. “The invitation was extended to our entire offensive line as well but there wasn’t any interest in committing to the games this year unfortunately.” This invitation was extended to the Steelers offensive line in part due to their impressive performance last season when the Sault marched into Oakville with just 17 players (only 14 of which finished the game) and defeated Liston’s squad of 40+ players. “I’ve had some good support from some of my teammates for these games.

They are more concerned with me staying healthy for the upcoming NFC season though. We really feel we have a chance this year to turn things around and win our division. I’m hoping that these two games will help me shake off the rust and be ready to help the Steelers accomplish that.”

Bujold joined the Steelers four games into the season last year and was asked to play defensive end in four of his five starts, a change from the position he feels most comfortable playing at linebacker. “When you play at this level, personal stats shouldn’t matter, what makes semi-pro football worth it is competing and winning into your adulthood, and wherever my coaches feel I’m needed most is where I’ll play.”

After the Globe Bowl game on April 1st in Pennsylvania, Bujold will join the MIFA Allstars for a trip to Cancun Mexico, to take of the LEXFA Mexican All-star squad in a double header that will feature both a women’s and men’s showcase of May 6th, 2017.

The Sault Steelers will kick off the 2017 campaign on May 27th, at Rocky DiPietro against the North Bay Bulldogs, 7pm. The Steelers will also be celebrating the 10th anniversary of their 2007 National Championship that day and encourage the community to come and join them for the festive occasion.

Source: Sault Steelers

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