Sault Ste Marie Girls High School City Finals Opponents Determined

On November 9th in junior and senior Sault Ste Marie High School Basketball Girls semi – final action, the Korah Colts hosted St. Mary’s Knights while the Steelhawks met the White Pines Wolverines at Superior Heights.

Junior Semi Final
Korah- 34 (Esther Yule 15, Gracie Sloss 13)
St. Mary’s- 27 (Leah Thomson 10, Paige Banton 6)

Superior Heights- 61 (Brayden Corbett Lewis 12, Alea Nye 10)
White Pines- 12 (Mackenzie Hutchings 5, Kendall Boissoneau 4)

Senior Semi Final
Korah- 63 (Taylor Elliott 18, Sam Hyde 12)
White Pines- 22 (Cecilia Holzworth 10, Raina Brock 9)

Superior Heights- 31 (Alicia Wellings 16, Annie Damignani 8)
St. Mary’s- 28 (Mispon Martin 8, Emma Hendrie 4)

City Finals
Saturday, November 11th at St. Mary’s College

Junior (5:15pm) Korah Colts vs Superior Heights Steelhawks
Senior (7:00pm) Superior Heights Steelhawks vs Korah Colts

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