Sault College Men’s Curling Wins Provincial Silver, Headed to Nationals

The final day of play at the OCAA Curling Championships, was a thrilling day of play. Three teams were crowned as champions by the end, the Sault Cougars for the mixed division, Niagara Knights in the women’s division and the Fanshawe Falcons took the men’s. The top three teams from both the women’s and men’s division will travel to Leduc, Alberta to compete in the national championship representing the OCAA.

The men’s division was an interesting affair, with Fanshawe trying to surpass the first seeded Niagara in the first semifinal. Fanshawe played a very strategic game taking 3 straight points after Niagara scored a single in the first end. With this start Fanshawe remained in control of the game, defeating Niagara 5-2. The Sault took on Humber in the second semifinals; it was a tied game heading into the fifth end which became a big turning point for the Sault as they managed to steal 2. Humber was able to pull it back making it a tied game heading into the final end, where the Sault made a button draw for a single point to win 6-5. This set up for an exciting final of the Sault versus Fanshawe for the gold medal game. The highlight of the draw was when Fanshawe scored three, then stole two in the next end. The Sault made a quick strike back scoring three in the sixth end, but eventually came up short in the last end of play. Fanshawe finished the game with a score of 7-4 and were crowned the OCAA Champions. In the bronze medal match Humber came out swinging with a lead of 4-1 in the fourth end, however this did not phase Niagara as they came back with five in the fifth end. This was a major turning point as Niagara never looked back winning 8-6 to take the bronze medal.

The morning saw two semifinals for the women’s division. Top seeded Niagara took on Humber with Fleming and Fanshawe duking it out in the other match. Niagara and Humber had a back and forth match each taking the same amount of points off of each other, create a constant tie. The match had to go into an extra end where Niagara defeated Humber 8-7. In the other semifinal; Fleming took a commanding lead against Fanshawe scoring five in the first three ends. However, Fanshawe was not deterred as they stormed back scoring 3 in the fourth end, then 4 in the fifth. This gave Fanshawe the momentum needed to beat Fleming 10-7.

The gold medal game saw Niagara vs. Fanshawe in an exciting match were Fanshawe stole one in the eighth end to bring the match into an extra end. Niagara executed an excellent end to set up a shot for three and the win; Niagara’s skip was able to make the shot and grant her team a gold medal victory (10-7). In the bronze medal match Fleming came out hot with a lead of five within the first three ends.

Humber was able to chip away at the lead, with a score of three in the fourth end. After the fourth end break the teams traded single points, giving Humber the hammer in the eighth down by three. Humber was only able to score two in a close final end; with this Fleming took the bronze medal with a final score of 7-6.

The top seeded Sault took on Fanshawe in the mixed division. The Sault took a strong commanding lead scoring four within five ends of curling. Fanshawe was able to cut the lead in half with two of their own in the sixth end; however Sault was able to score three in the next end secured the gold medal with a final score of 7-2.

OCAA Curling Championships- Results and Awards
Ron Fearon Fair Play Award – St. Clair Saints
Vern Dow Fair Play Award – Fleming Knights
Hap Holman Fair Play Award – Fleming Knights

Mixed All-Stars
Lead: Amy Conley – Fleming College
Second: Nicolas Robinson – Fanshawe College
Vice: Angelica Muscedere – Fanshawe College
Skip: Aaron Soulliere – Sault College

Women’s 2nd team All-Stars
Lead: Isabelle Allan – Fanshawe College
Second: Renee Boyce – Niagara College
Vice: Erin White – Fanshawe College
Skip: Paige Droog – Fleming College

Women’s 1st team All-Stars
Lead: Brittany Elson-Humber College
Second: Samantha Lees-Fanshawe College
Vice: Hanna Hack – Mohawk College
Skip: Chelsea Brandwood-Niagara College

Men’s 2nd team All-Stars
Lead: Matthew Morra – Humber College
Second: Ethan Doig – Niagara College
Vice: Jacob Reid – Sault College
Skip: Samual Steep – Niagara College

Men’s 1st team All-Stars
Lead: David Cressman – Niagara College
Second: Tyler Twinning – Fanshawe College
Vice: Logan James – Fanshawe College
Skip: Nick Servant – Sault College

Mixed Division
Gold Medalists – Sault College
Silver Medalists – Fanshawe College

Women’s Division
Gold Medalists – Niagara College
Silver Medalists – Fanshawe College
Bronze Medalists – Fleming College

Men’s Division
Gold Medalists – Fanshawe College
Silver Medalists – Sault College
Bronze Medalists – Niagara College

Coach of the Year
Mixed: Shirley Westman – Fanshawe College
Women: Dave Farnell- Fleming College
Men: Dan Lemieux – Sault College

Source: Sault College Athletics

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