Personal Agendas, Business and Politics Have No Place in Youth Sports

Youth Sports“Go out and have fun, and we’ll see what happens.”

And that’s the simple message that I have preached for over 20 years, I only wish to see this passed on the youth playing sports today.

Youth sports should be a wonderful experience for all the players, every year.

It saddens me that many board of directors, coaches and a few parents have squeezed all the fun out of the sport lets help these players to bring back the joy in youth sports.

Youth sports at all ages should be about having a great time, making friends that last a lifetime, and fulfilling the competitive fire that lies within us all. Winning or losing is not critical, get that through your head people. Trying our best in an attempt to win, within the context of a team full of friends, should always be the goal.

If you stick with sports throughout your life you will continue to meet great people wherever you go. The faces change but the fun can remain for a lifetime. Always remember the good people you meet and forget the others.

Much too often when I stand around the arena I can’t believe the tone of the conversations I hear. The visions of board of directors, coaches and parents are so shortsighted. The conversations are almost always about today and who won and who lost and too much about who scored.

Not enough people use the word fun and not enough sell it that way either.

So adults take out the business, politics and personal agendas in youth sports and let these children just play.