No Sports, Is Education About the Students or the Classroom?

25 days from now, high school students will head back to school with a chance of student – athletes not having a chance to play fall sports like golf, cross country running, football, girls basketball and boys volleyball.

The four teacher’s unions that include the public and catholic elementary and secondary schools with 123,641 teachers have now started negotiating at their own pace with no immediate plans to come back to the bargaining table in the near future. A total of 1,845,557 students that include 1,219,799 elementary and 625,758 secondary students are sitting a waiting the outcome of what is happening with the union and the government.

With a province wide high school teacher strike looming, the boards of education will also cancel extracurricular activities — and that’s a major concern for some student athletes.

A lot of senior high school student – athletes rely on the fall sports season for scouting opportunities and scholarships to post-secondary institutions. Why wouldn’t the boards allow people to volunteer to coach these sports when the government and board of education not allowing the teachers continue to coach these sports,

“High school sports play a huge factor in teenager’s lives. They make not only memories with the people they play the sports with, but also gain opportunities to play their sport at the next level and get a high quality education. It is sad to see what is happening this fall and something needs to be done about it,” said a male senior student athlete in Sault Ste Marie.

Sault Ste Marie senior female athlete told that “school without sports summarized in one word to me is unfair. Unfair to the student-athletes who have worked so hard for the past four years, in the class room and out on the field, gym, ice or track. All this effort only to be robbed and cheated of something that means so much to us. School sports is not just putting on a jersey and showing up to practice after class. School sports is learning something new, meeting new friends and making memories that will last long after high school is over. And to think that we won’t get that high school experience that we, as students, deserve and the teachers have already had, has to be the most vile part of it all.”

Most teachers who support what is happening are the teachers that actually are the ones who are volunteering in coaching these student – athletes.

The Ontario Teacher’s Union says that July and August are not a good time for negotiating because of vacations so when is it the best time?

Is education about the students or all about the teacher’s union?

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