LSFSC Sault Skaters Shine in North Bay With 25 Top Three Finishes (Photos)

Skaters Sillouette12 skaters represented the Lake Superior Figure Skating Club at the MIAD figure skating competition which took place over the February 27th – March 1st weekend in North Bay, Ontario. The team brought home 25 top three finishes in the events competed.

Skaters from LSFSC were very excited about their results from this past weekend setting several personal bests!

Abiguel Jones – 2nd Gold Interpretive, 2nd Novice Women Short
Cameron Smith – 2nd Bronze Triathalon, 2nd Jr Silver Ladies Free
Breanne Derochie – 1st Juvenile Ladies U 14, 3rd Silver Interpretive
Jordan Derochie – 1st Juvenile Men U14, 2nd Silver Interpretive
Emilie Vezina – 2nd Juvenile Ladies U11, 2nd Intro Interpretive, 1st Sr Bronze Elements
Lilia Pelletier – 3rd Pre-Juvenile Ladies U11, 3rd Intro Interpretive
Mya Thomas – Gold Star 5 Elements, 2nd Star 5 Free
Shayla Prgomet – Gold Star 5 Elements, 2nd Star 5 Free Skate
Ashley Matthews – 2nd Pre-Intro Interpretive, 2nd Star 5 elements, 3rd Star 5 Free
Yvonne Barnes – 2nd Pre-Intro Interpretive, 1st Star 5 Ladies U10, Gold Star 4 Elements
Cassie Grenier – 1st Pre-Intro Interpretive, Gold Star 4 Elements
Avery Pelletier – Merit Star 2 FreeSkate

Kerry Bain, Competitive Coach and Director of Skating for the Lake Superior Figure Skating Club was happy with the weekend’s results. “With Provincials two weeks away, this competition is a good trial run before we head to Brampton on March 12th – 15th

Our coaching team is very proud of the results from this past weekend in North Bay; our skaters have been working hard this season and now we are seeing the results.”

The Lake Superior Figure Skating Club has 8 skaters competing at the Skate Ontario Provincial Championships in March, one of the largest groups from Sault Ste. Marie in recent years.

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