Knights, Colts Capture Sem Final Wins in Boys High School Basketball Action

On February 13th in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, the 2018 junior and senior basketball semi – finals hit the courts with the White Pines Wolverines taking on the St. Mary’s Knights while the Superior Heights Steelhawks took on the Korah Colts in Sault Ste Marie Boys High School Basketball action.

White Pines Wolverines – 48
St. Mary’s Knights -51
High Scorers
White Pines Wolverines: Chase Peplow – 29, Brett Pearce – 9
St. Mary’s Knights: Elijah Suffel 25, Kyle Finateri – 9

Superior Heights Steelhawks – 57
Korah Colts – 59
High Scorers
Superior Heights Steelhawks: Kyle Dudenzski – 23, Malcolm Boyer – 17
Korah Colts: Michael Nicoletta – 23, Gaston Matilla – 13

Superior Heights Steelhawks – 46
Korah Colts – 51
High Scorers
Superior Heights Steelhawks: Jackson Hart – 24
Korah Colts: Matt Kment – 17

St Mary’s Knights – 69
White Pines Wolverines – 42
High Scorers
St Mary’s Knights: Cole Evans – 21, Gianni Viotto – 14

White Pines Wolverines: Bishop Whitmell – 15, Kyle Koster – 10

The Sault Ste Marie Junior and Senior City High School Basketball Championships will take place at Superior Heights on February 16th with the St. Mary’s Knights facing the Korah Colts in junior action with a 5:30 p.m tip – off while in senior action, the Korah Colts will meet the St. Mary’s Knights at 7:15 p.m.

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