Jr & Sr Knights, Steelhawks Close Regular Season with Wins in Girls Action

On November 1st in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, the 2017 Sault Ste Marie Girls Basketball junior and senior regular season came to close with the Knights hosting the Korah Colts at St. Mary’s College while the Superior Heights met the Wolverines at White Pines in week seven action.

Junior and senior post – season will begin on Wednesday, November 8 with semi – finals fourth place facing first place and the third place versus the second place finishers.

Korah- 36 (Gracie Sloss 14, Abi Higham 7)
St. Mary’s- 25 (Paige Banton 10, Mercedes Mazzuca 6)

Superior Heights- 40 (Carly Kovhako 9)
White Pines- 15 (Madison Jackson 5)

Korah- 42 (Taylor Elliott 18, Shea Gioia 5)
St. Mary’s- 19 (Mispon Martin 6, Jayme Meser 4)

Superior Heights- 43 (Alicia Wellings 12, Annie Damignani 11)
White Pines- 36 (Cecilia Holzworth 15)

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