High School Hockey vs AAA Hockey, What Is Better for Your Child

No matter what league or level of hockey you play in, from the professional to the recreational league players competing night in and night out. They all had to start somehwhere.

In Sault Ste Marie over the last couple of years there has been a debate about the level of hockey in AAA and high school hockey and why the players should play at either level to continue towards their hockey dream. Sault Ste Marie hockey is offering players from the ages of 15 – 17 three options are available whether it is the Soo AAA Jr Thunderbird Minor Midget, Soo AAA Major Midget and four high school hockey programs. There is pros and cons with all three programs offered to these young men in Northern Ontario.

One reason why players are flocking to the high school hockey level is what a parent said last week said about AAA hockey in his immediate response without hesitation: “why do we want to shell out $10,000 for a season of hockey?” This isn’t against the how the programs are ran, this is just how expensive AAA hockey has begun for my son to play said this father. After taking to hockey officials at many of levels over the last few weeks across the country, this is the major problem when it comes to players playing at the AAA minor and midget levels. Everyone will always have problems with AAA programs during the seasons where the programs are struggling, but there is always up and downs every season in any hockey program from AAA to the NHL.

On the other hand, a lot of people in Sault Ste Marie who think that they the hockey professionals have been shooting down the high school and AAA level hockey the last past seasons. The high school hockey programs in Sault Ste Marie compete at different tournaments throughout province against teams that have AAA and junior players included in their rosters and competing quite well at this level out of town.

The biggest thing that everyone has to remember, whether it is high school hockey or AAA hockey – if you are good enough, you will be found. The AAA programs in Sault Ste Marie over the years have had players continue the careers in junior ‘A’, major junior, collegiate and professional along with high school hockey sending players to junior ‘A’, major junior, collegiate and professional levels as well as.

The biggest argument is that if you have a problem with either program, SET UP and VOLUNTEER.

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