Colt Averi Bodnar Brings Home Percy Bedford Award

With the high school year coming to the end, the 44th Annual Tenaris Female Athletic Awards ceremony took place at the Marconi Club on June 7th with Korah Colt Averi Bodnar named this year’s Percy Bedford Award recipient with Bodnar participating in five sports at Korah Collegiate with action in soccer, badminton, volleyball, basketball and track and field.

The grade 12 student athlete has won city championships with the Colts basketball, badminton, volleyball and running track. Bodnar has also competed with a captured NOSSA titles in badminton and basketball.

Percy Bedford Award – Averi Bodnar (Korah)
Nominees: Michealla Charron (Notre-Dame-du-Sault), Darby Sewell (White Pines), Taylor Nadeau (Superior Heights) and Taryn Lamorie (St. Mary’s).

Tenaris Award (Outstanding Academic/Athletic Achievement – Serena Pulente (St. Mary’s)

Harvey Morrison Award (Outstanding contributions to Girls Athletics)
Michealla Charron (Notre-Dame-du-Sault), Halle Zachary (Korah), Jenna Laitinen (St. Mary’s), Sarah McLeod (Superior Heights) and Trina Pregent (White Pines).

Badminton: Sila McGuffin/Madelyn Suriano (Korah)
Nominees: Serena Pulente (St. Mary’s), Hannah Boyonoski and Hailey Telik (Superior Heights), Brittany Cote (White Pines) and Riley May (Notre-Dame-du-Sault).

Basketball: Tori Ivey (Korah)
Nominees: Darby Sewell (White Pines), Carly Richards (Superior Heights) and Serena Pulente (St. Mary’s).

Cross Country – Hanna Jodin (Korah)
Nominees: Talyn Tait (St. Mary’s), Kierstin Williams (White Pines) and Emma Bil (Superior Heights).

Curling: Taylor Longo (St. Mary’s)
Nominees: Nicole Costello (White Pines), Madeline Coutu (Superior Heights) and Jordan Winter (Korah).

Soccer – Jadyn Pettenuzzo (Korah)
Nominees: Tiffany Davies (St. Mary’s) and Alissa Gilmar (Superior Heights).

Track and Field – Taryn Lamorie (St. Mary’s)
Nominees: Jodoin, Maisie Robere-McGugan (Notre-Dame-du-Sault), Brayden Corbett-Lewis (Superior Heights) and Madison Assiginack (White Pines).

Volleyball: Darby Sewell (White Pines)
Nominees: Averi Bodnar (Korah), McKenna Case (Superior Heights), Destinee Pine (St. Mary’s) and Kathryne Mazzarelli (Notre-Dame-du-Sault).

Wrestling – Rebekah Trudel (Superior Heights)
Nominees: Emily Duchesne (Korah), Morgan Leonard (St. Mary’s), Shenay Chamberlain (White Pines) and Jeanette Wessell (Central Algoma Secondary School).

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