Big NFC Changes, Updates and Schedule Released for the Sault Steelers

On January 28th , 2017 the NFC held its’ Annual General Meeting in Barrie Ontario.

Several interested topics arose at this year’s annual event including the reinstatement of Sault Ste. Marie’s northern rival, North Bay Bulldogs. The Sault Steelers are currently set to open their season at home against the Bulldogs on May 27th if the first drafted schedule remains as is. This will be North Bay’s first NFC game in six years. The Sault is also scheduled to be North Bay’s first opponent at home in six years when they arrive in the Bay on June 10th .

The Sault Steelers are currently set to host 4 home regular season games. All against very familiar opponents. Game one will be opening weekend against the North Bay Bulldogs on May 27th which will be the first chapter in this renewed Northern Rivalry. Game two will be against Sarnia Imperials on June 17th  with a match – up last year that lead to some bad blood between these two teams, making this a date to mark on your calendar. Game three is set for July 8th , will be a match-up with the Saults’ longtime competitive rivals Tri-City Outlaws, the franchise that the Steelers often had to march through to win their National Championships during the 2007-2010 dynasty years. The final home game is set for July 15th against the Sudbury Spartans, and as we all know, the history between the Sault and Sudbury speaks for itself.

Along with the first draft of the season schedule, more exciting news surrounding Sault Ste Marie was made on Saturday. Sault Steelers former head coach and current general manager Paul Caldbick was named treasurer of the NFC in unanimous fashion. Fellow Sault area resident Barry Rushon retained his position as League President giving the Sault community two representative in the leagues five man executive committee.

In more league related news, the NFC has begun talks with the CFL to create an annual showcase of Allstars, which would help promote the talent within the NFC and gain certain players exposure to professional scouts throughout Canada. This giant leap forward for the NFC and its’ affiliated franchises will potentially begin taking place in the spring of 2018, meaning that the allstars of the 2017 season will be the likely participants of this inaugural showcase.

Two special events that will take place this season. The first will be the tenth anniversary celebration of the Sault Steelers 2007 national championship victory which is tentatively set to take place on May 27th , 2017 when the Steelers host North Bay.  The other event of note, is the Sault Steelers Hall of Fame induction night, where the Steelers will honor their 2017 inductee who will be announced later in the offseason.

This ceremony is set to take place on July 8th , when the Tri-City Outlaws come to town.

Finally, on February 21st at 7:00 – 9:00 p.m, the Steelers will be hosting a recruitment information evening at the Thompson Room in City Hall. This meeting is for anyone who is potentially interested in playing for the Sault during the 2017 season.

Players of all experience are encouraged to attend and meet the coaching staff, directors, and captains.

For more information on this night, you can either follow Sault Steelers Recruiting on Facebook or @SaultSteelers on Twitter.

Source: Sault Steelers

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