Andy & Nicholas Lesyshen Sit 29th After Day One in Magpie Walleye Derby

DMWDOn June 13th, day two of the Northern Ontario Walleye Trail Fishing Circuit at the 2015 Dubreuilville Magpie Walleye Derby, brothers Andy and Nicholas Lesyshen started off with dead calm no wind and warm.

They were indecisive on what spot they should go to first seeing as their pre – fish didn’t produce any quality fish. They ended up going to a spot where they did a pass on Friday and quickly landed three fish but not even close to the size they were looking for.

This tourney allows six fish per day which only two can be over 18.1″ everyone including the Lesyshen brothers could not find fish in that 17 – 18″ size and everyone was plagued with 8” – 10″ juvenile walleye. With an hour left they were frustrated with not finding any fish in their spots where the two pulled them off last year. The water temps increased ten degrees in four days and for sure they thought that their spot would produce last year’s outcome.

Unfortunately it didn’t and had to resort to a spot they marked fish but didn’t fish due to the snags produced by submerged trees 27 feet under water. They saw lots of fish in the trees, so they decided to grind out the last hour on that spot.

With 30 minutes left Nicholas thought he snagged into a other tree but when the snagged pulled back and started to pull they knew they had a quality fish. They thought the boys had salvaged the day with this one fish only to have the line cut by its teeth 20 feet from the boat. Needless to say their hearts dropped and thought they would be posting a very low weight on day one.

However 9 minutes later Andy hooked into a big fish and they were back in it with thought if it’s a big walleye. After a bit they caught a glimpse at a beauty 24″ walleye and helped them out big time. After weigh in they ended up 29th spot out of the 120 boat field.

Very surprised seeing as last year they were three pounds heavier on day one and was sitting in 38 after day one. Lots and lots of teams had same fate as the brothers with very small fish. Anyways that still leaves the Lesyshen with some work, but Nicholas said that “top 10 is very doable and tomorrow their spots can pay off.”

Stay tuned for final day outcome, said Nicohlas.

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