2017 Junior/Senior High School Awards Winners Announced

The 2017 regular season is over and the high school football awards have been handed out to the Junior and Senior Sault Ste Marie High School Football League 2017 Awards recipients.

Junior Award Winners
MVP – Tyler Brechin (Korah Colts)
Offensive Player of the Year – Nick Pagnotta (St. Mary’s Knights)
Defensive Player of the Year (Steeler Award) – Zach Martin (Superior Heights)
Lineman of the Year – Jackson Naccarato (Korah Colts/Chase Southwind (White Pines)

Senior Award Winners/Nominee’s
Denmen Award (MVP) – Darian Belkosky (Korah Colts)
Nominee’s – Geryd Lesage (Superior Heights Steelhawks), Travis Johnson (St. Mary’s Knights), Kendrick Saari (White Pines Wolverines)

Sabercat Award (Offensive Player) – Caleb Patteri (Korah)
Nominee’s – Cooper Laframboise (Superior Heights Steelhawks), Carter Harrison (St. Mary’s Knights), Lucas Higham (White Pines Wolverines)

Steeler Award (Defensive Player) – Joe Rosso (Superior Heights)
Nominee’s – Jacob Jurich (Korah Colts), Evan Sicoli (St. Mary’s Knights), Colton Boissoneau (White Pines Wolverines)

Hargraves Award (Lineman of the Year) – Devin Segin (Korah Colts)
Nominee’s – Devin Staziuk (Superior Heights Steelhawks), Hunter Lambert-Mousseau (St. Mary’s Knights), Brandon Southwind (White Pines Wolverines)

Rocky Dipetro Award (Best Receiver) – Travis Johnson (St. Mary’s Knights)
Nominee’s – Alex Segin (Korah Colts), Robert Wright (Superior Heights Steelhawks), Lucas Higham (White Pines Wolverines)

Offensive Team
QB Jordan Robinson – Wright – Korah Colts
QB Kendrick Saari – White Pines Wolverines
RB Caleb Patteri – Korah Colts
RB Nick Gervasi – Korah Colts
RB Cooper Laframboise – Superior Heights Steelhawks
RB Carter Harrison – St. Mary’s Knights
REC Travis Johnson – St. Mary’s Knights
REC Elijah Yandeau – Superior Heights Steelhawks
TE Alex Segin – Korah Colts
TE Matt Wheten – St. Mary’s Knights
OL Isaac Smithers – White Pines Wolverines
OL Graham Slater – Korah Colts
OL Brandon Southwind – White Pines Wolverines

Defensive Team
DL Darian Belkosky – Korah Colts
DL Devin Segin – Korah Colts
DL Jordan Policicchio – Korah Colts
DL Devin Staziuk – Superior Heights Steelhawks
DL Ben Baggs – Superior Heights Steelhawks
DL Hunter Lambert-Mousseau – St. Mary’s Knights
DL Zach Tadashore – St. Mary’s Knights
DL Julian Gioia – St. Mary’s Knights
LB Jacob Jurich – Korah Colts
LB Tyler Albert – Korah Colts
LB Joe Rosso – Superior Heights Steelhawks
LB Maverick Hill – Superior Heights Steelhawks
DB Joe Trudeau – Superior Heights Steelhawks
DB Geryd Lesage – Superior Heights Steelhawks
DB Lucas Higham – White Pines Wolverines

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